About the AWCA

What is AWCA?

Since 2012, The AWCA (Asian Workers’ Compensation Association) has been the only regional association dealing with worker’s compensation in Asia-Pacific. It has played a pivotal role in the continued exchanges and cooperation among worker’s compensation organization in the region. It has also provided valuable on-/off-line platform to understand the global social trends and to share good practices in partnership with global leading social security organizations like ISSA(International Social Security Association).


The purpose of the Association lies in functioning as a base to develop the workers’ compensation or employment injury insurance scheme in Asian countries, facilitate reciprocal exchanges in, and cooperation on, the area of the same scheme, and thereby enhance common benefits among the member countries of the Association.


Sharing knowledge, sharing data, experiences, information, etc. among member countries in relation to the workers’ compensation or employment injury insurance scheme

Holding international meetings, seminars, workshops, sessions, etc. among member countries

Issuing & publishing academic journals and other materials

Other activities or services in which any engagement is deemed to contribute to the achievement of the said purpose

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