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President’s Message

Welcome to the AWCA(Asian Worker’s Compensation Association) website. This is Park Jongkil, the 6th President of the AWCA. Since its establishment in 2012, AWCA has been the only regional association for workers’ compensation insurance in Asia and the Pacific It has played a pivotal role in fostering ongoing exchanges and cooperation among member organizations, providing valuable insights into global social security trends and facilitating the sharing of best practices. As we face economic challenges and health crises like COVID-19, recognizing the importance of social security is crucial.
Our focus is on expanding access, especially for vulnerable groups like atypical workers, and addressing the portability of social security across countries. To provide effective and high-quality services, we continually modernize our processes and ensure financial sustainability. Your support in strengthening AWCA's role in international cooperation is vital for a coordinated response to environmental changes. To further advance AWCA, we propose three key initiatives based on past successes: 1. Broadening Membership: Open AWCA to workers' compensation insurance organizations across Asia and the Pacific, expanding our network that currently includes thirteen members from ten countries. 2. Deepening Expertise: Strengthen technical commissions by identifying common interests like ICT, fostering collaboration, and creating a robust network among experts from member organizations. 3. Addressing Development Gaps: Actively bridge the development disparities in workers' compensation insurance among member organizations through strategic linkages with AWCA operations and engagement in bilateral and multilateral ODA projects. In pursuit of these strategies, COMWEL will play a central role, and your ongoing interest and cooperation are instrumental in realizing these goals. We look forward to the continued growth of AWCA in all areas in the coming years. Wishing you all good health and happiness. Thank you.

Park Jongkil President of AWCA

Korea Workers’ Compensation and Welfare Service(COMWEL) is one of public organization in the Republic of Korea, which is entrusted by the Minister of Employment and Labor. COMWEL has provided various social security and labor welfare services and programs as specified in relevant laws and regulations, including integrated assessment and billing of employment insurance and workers’ compensation insurance benefits, medical care, rehabilitation services, loan service, credit guarantee, wage claim guarantee, retirement pension plan, etc. COMWEL contributes to the improvement of workers’ quality of life through optimal workers’ compensation programs, rehabilitation supports and welfare services. Especially, COMWEL operates 10 hospitals and various rehabilitation programs to promote return to work for injured workers. COMWEL is wholeheartedly helping injured workers so that they can return to a life as it was prior to occupational accidents through a variety of rehabilitation and medical services. As a workers’ welfare agency that provides the highest quality of service, COMWEL is committed to the welfare and happiness of working people by taking customer satisfaction as top priority. COMWEL is striving to become a Social Welfare Agency that workers can trust the most during hardship by improving business process and meeting customer demands with customer-oriented thinking and through respecting the voice on the scene.