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About Technical Commission on Rehabilitation

Establishment objectives

To increase the expertise of the AWCA (Asian Workers’ Compensation Association) through establishment of the AWCA Technical commission on Rehabilitation.

- To establish a platform for sustainable cooperation, including the working-out of rehabilitation guidelines for people injured in industrial accidents, by inviting TCR member organizations from AWCA member organizations and forming an advisory group

To explore directions for joint development of rehabilitation programs for persons injured during industrial accidents in the Asia Pacific region post-COVID-19.

- To share rehabilitation outcomes and challenges of organizations participating in the TCR, and discuss ways to increase multiparty cooperation in rehabilitation, led by the AWCA


  • October - November

    Practical matters were handled, including those of receiving applications for a Technical Commission on Rehabilitation and selecting a chair organization (through consensus).

    Introduction of chairperson organization

  • July - September

    The Fifth General Meeting was postponed, and after discussion, the AWCA member organizations decided to hold a video conference to discuss establishment of a Technical Commission on Rehabilitation.

  • First half, 2020

    Due to the pandemic, the aforementioned workshop was cancelled and discussion on the establishment of a Technical Commission on Migrant Worker was postponed.

  • November

    The AWCA Seoul Meeting held in association with the International Seminar for the 55th Anniversary of Workers’ Compensation Insurance.

    - Shared global trends in social welfare and the operational status of workers’ compensation and challenges of each member organization, and discussed plans for AWCA operations*

    (First half, 2020) ILO-Korea Training Workshop on Employment Injury Insurance (ROK), Technical Commission on Migrant Worker (Indonesia)

    (Second half, 2020) Fifth General Meeting and Technical Commission on Rehabilitation (ROK)

  • January

    The Korea Workers' Compensation & Welfare Service took office as the 4th AWCA chair organization.

Application form

ARTICLE 1. Purpose

These guidelines are aimed at defining the matters pertaining to the composition and operation of technical commissions of Asian Workers’ Compensation Association (hereinafter referred to as “AWCA”) pursuant to Article 16 under Chapter 6 of the AWCA Articles

ARTICLE 2. Functions

(1)A technical commission serves as a platform for cooperation and exchanges of experts from various fields for AWCA members. (2)A technical commission performs surveys, conducts research, and offers policy proposals for the advancement of workers’ compensation insurance for the home countries of AWCA members.

ARTICLE 3. Establishment

(1)AWCA members may propose the establishment of a technical commission to the AWCA chairperson, and the AWCA chairperson shall share the proposal with the other AWCA members and collect their relevant opinions. (2)Once at least three AWCA members confirm their intention to participate in a technical commission in written form, the AWCA chairperson may establish the technical commission after prior consultation with the AWCA secretary general.

ARTICLE 4. Joining and Withdrawal

(1)AWCA members may freely join or change to any technical commission of their choice. Those wishing to join or change to a technical commission shall fill out and submit the Application Form (Attachment) to the Secretariat of AWCA (2)AWCA members wishing to withdraw from a technical commission shall express their intention in written form to the Secretariat of AWCA (3)The Secretariat of AWCA shall frequently share the latest changes in the membership status of the relevant technical commission with AWCA members.

ARTICLE 5. Composition

(1)A technical commission shall consist of at least three members including the commission chairperson and may include advisory members recommended by individual AWCA members. (2)The commission chairperson shall be elected by a majority vote of the members of the relevant technical commission and appointed by the AWCA chairperson. (3)Each AWCA member may appoint one among its staff as a member of the relevant technical commission. (4)Each AWCA member may appoint up to two advisory members among those equipped with extensive knowledge and experience in the field related to the relevant technical commission. (5)The Secretariat of each technical commission shall be operated within the AWCA member to which the commission chairperson belongs.

ARTICLE 6. Operation

(1)The commission chairperson shall convene and preside over a meeting of the relevant technical commission for any of the following cases. 1.When a majority of the members of the technical commission demands to convene a meeting 2.When the regular general assembly of AWCA is held 3.When the commission chairperson deems it necessary (2)The technical commission meeting shall be convened at least once a year. (3)The commission chairperson may decide to hold the meeting in virtual form or replace the meeting with written reports if deemed necessary. (4)The commission chairperson shall submit the annual report on the relevant technical commission’s activities for the year in written form in December, and the AWCA chair organization shall share this report with AWCA members.

ARTICLE 7. Expenses

(1)Operating expenses of technical commissions shall be determined based on consensus reached by the members of the relevant technical commission for each issue. (2)Expenses incurred by each advisory member’s activities in relation to the technical commission shall be borne by the AWCA member that appointed the advisory member.

ARTICLE 8. Others

Matters pertaining to the operation of a technical commission other than those specified in these guidelines may be set forth by the AWCA chairperson through discussions with the members of the relevant technical commission.

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